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August 25, 2016

Telenor Introduces Vivid Tech’s Digital IVR


Vivid Technologies an internationally acclaimed company/startup has joined hands with Telecom Giant Telenor to boldly go where no Telecom company has gone before. “Visual Navigation” the final frontier, the shortcomings of calling the operators for help is well documented, where one has to endlessly wait on hold and yet you feel as if nothing has been done to solve your problems. The excruciatingly irritating audio recordings that callers are forced to listen to and to add insult to injury they feel that their time has been wasted without resolving their problems.
Vivid’s application ensures that you do not have to wait on hold, better yet you will not even have to talk to the operator. Callers can now swipe away all their troubles by dialing 345 and going through the IVR menu visually on their smart-phones. The visual aspect exponentially enhances the caller experience and engagement where callers don’t get to miss out on important information and know exactly how long they have to wait on hold until they are connected with the agent.
• Can help reduce incoming call traffic by 30-35% making it cost effective, engaging and interactive.
• It will save customer time by 10 fold, 60 seconds of first generation IVR versus 6 seconds of quick glance on the visual IVR to consume the information or carry out an action.
• Reduces enterprise call center costs by 25%
• Optimizes staffing efficiency by 12%
• Improves customer satisfaction by 70%
• Increase in First Call Resolution by 60%
• Reduction in Average Handle time by 55 %
• Reduced cost per contact 25%
• Improves Service Level Agreement by 85%

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This marks the beginning of something unprecedented in Pakistan, a Giant Telecom replacing the much maligned and outdated IVR Recordings which will revolutionize the caller experience. Telenor is the only company/telco in Pakistan that has made it its prerogative to make best use of technology to enhance the caller experience. Having been proponents of change and leveraging technology to improve their service they embarked on initiatives such as Telenor Digital Weekend in a bid to encourage companies to collaborate with them enabling them to digitalize the process.

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